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About Us

We are building partnerships to transform how we view the criminal justice system (CJS).

Together, we are using innovative, strengths-based approaches to identify priority areas for research, program, and policy development for and with people impacted by the criminal justuce system to address health and justice inequities. 

In our first year (2019), we focused held alternating Community Advisory Network and Workshop events on three interrelated and intersecting research themes:

1 - Determinants of Health and Justice, including intersectional identities and other social determinants, such as colonialism, education and employment, mental health and substance use;

2 - Incarceration, including legal systems, CJS health service delivery, recidivism and dehumanization;

3 - (Re)integration, including stigmatization, and barriers to/facilitators of employment and community connectedness.

These themes are interconnected, as individuals with CJS experience face unjust challenges that extend across generations. 

In 2021, we will be mobilizing and elevating the knowledge generated to date throughout our 2019 activities. For more, please see our Project Summary here.